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Alta - Places

TGIC continues with its love of mid-western bands with Alta's debut LP "PLACES" Drawing influences from post hardcore bands like at the drive in and native, combined with midwestern emo and screamo execution Alta brings you 7 tracks of their distinct sound. TGIC is teaming up with Endnote records and Carucage on this release. John Harmon did all the artwork for this release that will be printed on reverse stock jackets. It is being pressed with 4 different unique colors. 3 of them are available for order the fourth is exclusive to the band. TGIC also created an exclusive tshirt to support the release that is available in the store as well. Your purchase includes an instant download of the record.

Pressing Information

125 pastel baby blue, 125 translucent purple, 125 opaque red, 125 band color


  1. Alta - Winter-Mute
  2. Alta - Ocean Liners
  3. Alta - Dakota
  4. Alta - Ray
  5. Alta - Merry New Year
  6. Alta - + -
  7. Alta - Sorting Rooms