Districts / Regret The Informer split 12" LP TGIC Release


“Musically, Districts ( Lowell, MA ) play epic and tense hardcore/screamo in a similar vein as bands such as Todos Caeran and We Were Skeletons as well as older bands such as The Fiction and Saetia. Regret, The Informer is a four piece band from Kansas City who play a great style of post hardcore, punk, and screamo. A modern take on the classic screamo sound pioneered by bands such as Hot Cross, I Hate Myself, Off Minor, and 400 Years. Overall, both bands on this album are phenomenal and I’d say that this LP will be getting lots of attention in the coming months from other blogs and zines. Words can’t describe how good this split is.” Chris from My Endless Minutes blog

artwork By Stephen Proski.


  1. 01. Districts - Disappearing Act
  2. 02. Districts - the Giver
  3. 03. Districts - Devils
  4. 04. Districts - Better Places than Here
  5. 05. Regret, the Informer - Blame it on the Townies
  6. 06. Regret, the Informer - If you have to ask you'll never know
  7. 07. Regret, the Informer - I miss Jeff
  8. 08. Regret, the Informer - Send in the Clouds
Pressing Information

This 12 inch is pressed on 500 black color vinyl. We have exclusive release shirts for both bands in our store. Artwork By Stephen Proski. This is a split release between TGIC RECS, endnote and galthouse records.