EDHOCHULI - Self Titled 12" TGIC Release


Pittsburgh's sons have been once described as "THIN LIZZY but with more weed!"
(I met some of these dudes back in 08 and they forever changed my life with how they lived theirs and
what live shows and touring etc could be like. They are great people with some super rad songs and I back them forever and ever) - Bobby TGIC
Needless to say records is amazing and everything you need for a chill summer
Catch them on the road soon
comes with instant download! for any order option!!


  1. Edhochuli - Edhochuli - 01 Totally Caveman
  2. Edhochuli - Edhochuli - 02 Pizza Party at the Castle(We totally won)
  3. Edhochuli - Edhochuli - 03 Outside Nacho
  4. Edhochuli - Edhochuli - 04 Dude, Here Comes the Sweet Part
  5. Edhochuli - Edhochuli - 05 Because doing dumb shit with shit is a natural motion to me
  6. Edhochuli - Edhochuli - 06 Sir, I've been observing you for more than five minutes and you have yet to say whoo once
Pressing Information

500 black
printed on an incredibly righteous chipboard package

Last 2 solo copies