SLOTHS - Twenty Years LP (last 15 copies) 12 inch Vinyl


Portland is a hot spot for the counterculture.
Enter Sloths 3 dudes who play an extremely tight version of modern hardcore with elements of
everything under the sun. A complete commitment to great transitions and riffs that pull you in raise you up and slam you back down. Masters of their craft your mouth will water for their next offering.
Easily some of the best jams the Genre will see this year. Put yr ears on it.

This is a split release with ILLUMINASTY Records and Don't Live Like Me Records
/300 on clear don't sleep these will be gone on the quick!
3 new killer songs
+ bonus cover song

*while this is a preorder.... the records are done should be in hand within 10 or so days to be shipped to you.


  1. SLOTHS - Twenty Years - 01 Elegy
  2. SLOTHS - Twenty Years - 02 Void
  3. SLOTHS - Twenty Years - 03 Passing
  4. SLOTHS - Twenty Years - 04 Breadcrumb Trail (Slint Cover)
Pressing Information

300 clear lps worldwide available from
The Ghost Is Clear Records
Illuminasty Records
Don't Live Like Me Records