Itto - Pursuant 12" LP TGIC Release


When you think about DIY music and going beyond what others seem necessary alot of times Chicago will come up. One reason (of many... trust me) is Itto a diverse group of gentlemen who band together to defy preconceptions of audio art. In a day and age where mindless people praise cookie cutter garbage, Our saviors emerge unfazed by what others might be doing. Instead focus and intention and perspective are let loose in order to lull the listener through a gauntlet of intense bursts of energy winding about w amazing timing and complete complementing of the individual talents, not to mention words that provoke one to seek truth and to question any and everything. Infact a single listen will often only make you stop what yr doing to start over and pay more attention. A Pillar to stand through the smoke and ashes of Brainwashing Mindless Music. 2016 has been Blessed
this Blessing comes in the form of "PURSUANT" Itto's crowning accomplishment and debut full length offering.
This Release coincides with a work ethic and standard Itto have set.
Seeing them heading to Europe for two weeks to brandish the Windy City Style across the ocean.


  1. Animus
  2. Ego Death
  3. M.I.S.C.
  4. Mayfly
  5. Sunburst
  6. Void Walker
  7. Impermanence
  8. Death Frenzy
  9. Daigoro
  10. No Diversity On East Diversey
  11. Pursuant
  12. Samsara
Pressing Information

Translucent Gold vinyl
laser cut jacket / insert sleeve
TGIC has 250 copies
ITTO / distros share 250 copies
strong contender for AOTY