Nerver - Believer's Hit (CS) TGIC049

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NERVER - Believer’s Hit (cassette LP) (TGIC049)

For fans of: The Jesus Lizard, Akimbo and Cassilis

As seen on tour with Bummer, Dead Hour Noise, Chat Pile and landing on many choice bills to come.
this No Nonsense Power Trio are obviously giving you a dose of serious business to say the least.

Raunchy, dirty and bass-heavy hardcore/noise-rock from this Missouri three-piece formerly known as Celebration. These 10 tracks fucking deliver, drawing influences from as much Melvins and The Jesus Lizard to newer acts such as Moxiebeat and Breather Resist. Co-released with Zegema Beach Records.

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Engineered and mixed by James Rumsey.
Mastered by Reid Otto.
Artwork by Dan Garrison.


  1. Lobotomobile
  2. Deserves The Ground
  3. Boilermaker, Please
  4. Getting Dragged 101
  5. No Song To Stop The Rain
  6. Imminent Death Syndrome
  7. Pissing Gold
  8. Congratulations
  9. God Sat This One Out
  10. We Had Encountered A Meta Psychotic
Pressing Information

150 tapes over 2 variants w/j-card. 10 songs. Download code included.
90 on marble swirl
50 on white
10 on ZBR exclusive silver/gold marble swirl