This is Fantastic for You - TIFFY EP 12" /30 SOLD OUT TGIC Release


This is Fantastic for You is a veritable force brewing in Kalamazoo, MI
comprised of old friends and new. As our boys gear up to record again
now was a good opportunity to give their demo an tall boy 12" salute.



  1. Skullduggery
  2. Clean RIP
  3. Scum Bible
Pressing Information

*first to be announced in the Limited lathe series from TGIC

pressing is /30

15 available here
15 available through band
Single sided 45 rpm
screened covers
hand numbered
download sent w purchase

*to ease yr pain our limited Lathes add zero shipping when added to other items in north America
**(additional tour runs may occur with alternate a/b labels + tour poster inserts)