Prayer Group - Eudean limited lathe 12" TGIC062


"Everything about Eudean is just awesome. Whilst listening I found myself jabbering like Beavis over a particular good video (yeah, it’s a good thing no-one’s here today) and now the thing is over I just want to put it on again and again… it’s a an adrenal-gland-stimulating, ear-raping, sinus-clearing (yep – this band are even good for the health) white noise extravaganza that harks back to the exhilarating, boundary-defying days of the early 90s, when bands like Sonic Youth were taking on the mainstream and winning. What else? You want a score? Fine – 12/10." -


  1. Landlord College
  2. Code Black
  3. Acid Mountain
  4. The Other
Pressing Information

limited lathe run of 12
downloads sent to email upon purchase.