Children's Letters to God - Pulling the Knife Out of My Back TGIC073


Children’s Letters to God is an aggressive response to an
unstable time in history, dealing with personal loss,
uncertainty, and the chaos in between. Dabbling with
elements of crust, grind, and hardcore, the band lets
blast beats pummel the senses; yet, never straying too
far from the melodic interludes that make screamo great.
Tom Rabon (Exhalants) and Scott Osment (Deaf Club)
have set out to make the music that inspires their outlook
on hardcore- fast and angular, but with harmony and
catchy riffs. The funny thing about letters to God, is that
they never make it.


  1. Human Repellant
  2. Hard Sell
  3. Sadistic Gift
  4. Easy to Blame
Pressing Information

Digital Out Now!
Patches are on way to us then drawings, then preorders will ship ASAP.

First Pressing

150 Cassettes with long logo patch (14"x1") + large Back Patch (12.5"x15")
25 Purple (children's letters to god bandcamp variant)
35 Clear w black liner (the variant of the faithful)
90 Black shelled (standard)

*Patches combo limited to the first 123 preorders

5 copies on clear, 8" square lathes *NOT FOR SALE*
Once Cassettes SELL OUT
(5 Winners will be drawn randomly from supporters that purchased from TGIC or Band)
we will announce a sell out situation and when we will be drawing names. Good Luck!