Shadow Snakes - Self Titled + Bad at Parties (Double CS) TGIC070


100 Double Cassettes
housed in color O cards with Pegless Norelcos
held together with a printed Outer Custom Slip O Card
(made lovingly by the band)

**Preorder expected to ship within 2 weeks
*these come with a Digital Download code for Bandcamp
or why wait. Free Download

1.Lightning Needles 01:53
2.Heck 02:19
3.The Children Are Full 04:12
4.Feedback Years 02:44
5.Againagainagainagainagain 01:39
6.Jesus in Leather 02:15
7.The White Coats 02:51
8.Insured Erections 02:18
9.A Strange and Selfish Gratitude 02:42
10.You Were Found Later 02:16
11.Vicious and Dreaming 01:44
12.Boss Universal 05:30
13.Stay Home 02:15
14.Lambs Eat Ivy 03:50
15.Soaked 03:35

Pressing Information

10 Red Self Titled + Red Bad at Parties

15 Red Tint Self Titled + Yellow Bad at Parties

25 Clear with Black Liner Self Titled + Clear with Clear Liner Bad at Parties

50 Black Self Titled + Pink Bad at Parties