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Infinity Land - Honest Comedy EP Cassette TGIC078

CT sludge/noise rock. Ugly music for ugly people
is the tagline in this New bands Bandcamp info.

"The Sky is Laughing at Us"
recently dropped on the
TGIC 2021 Sampler
Early adopters & tastemakers were quick to take note!

"Sweet, another anxious riff gets this one going before Ahmed’s vocals leap forward with another pissed tirade that’s only slightly more straight forward than his attacks fronting Intercourse. The bass is thinned out, so this tune isn’t as sonically heavy as others on the comp, but the overall sound of the band is still pretty sick. The midfrequency push makes the drums hit that much harder, and the sheets of guitar noise add a of lot of interesting chaos to the mix. I’ve got a case of stinkface and I’m slow banging in agreement. I want to hear more."

Free Download on Bandcamp or here
or mailed with cassette Purchase

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Pressing Information

first pressing
Blue Tint shells (50)
Clear w Clear liner shells (30)
Smokey Tint (20)

with Full Color Cassette A & B labels

TEES available at the INFINITY LAND Bandcamp

CASSETTES are Preorder Items and expect to ship out within 6 weeks.


  1. Insect Fingers
  2. Flight Of The Zodiac
  3. Harvest Lane
  4. The Sky Is Laughing At Us