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Scenario - Sounds in Sequence 12" EP TGIC082

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For fans of: Hot Cross, Funeral Diner and Armywives

Kentucky's Scenario was birthed from of a pandemic. 5 longtime friends got together to make something that harkened back to the music they would listen to in high school, but from a more mature place where they could strip away the things they felt didn't hold up through the years.

What we're left with is a release filled with twisting, sharpened riffs that evoke a nostalgia for the post-hardcore music of 2001-2004. But less of a throwback, and more of a rose tinted homage to what that genre could have been. These 5 songs come in at 21 minutes, and the term 'promising' doesn't seem to do the songwriting justice.

Pressing Information

first pressing
250 copies Clear 12"
matte jackets


  1. Ghosted
  2. Knavery
  3. Idolatry
  4. Crossroads
  5. Departure