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Glowing Brain - Brain Dust (Last 2) TGIC086

Ripping debut LP from thrashy Oakland noise punks Glowing Brain. A fantastically, stoned out, phrenetic album chocked full of riffs from current and former members of Funeral Chant, Tigon, John Cota, Male Bondage and many more..
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Pressing Information

Digital Release is early December, vinyl will ship before or at that time.

First Pressing:

100 Orange with Red Splatter (TGIC Exclusive)
100 Orange with Black Splatter (Band Exclusive)
100 Classic Black shared


  1. Ripping Future
  2. Boredom
  3. Suffer Fools
  4. Plastic World
  5. Everyone Higher Than Everyone Else
  6. Brain Dust
  7. Bleed Into
  8. Hourly Sourly
  9. Finite Supply
  10. Down Here