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Heel Turn - Glamorous Void TGIC120

Debut lp from Alabama's Heel Turn,
Noisy gloom and doom with psyche tinge riffs.
Influenced with elements of darkened hardcore.

2.Everything is Suffering
3.Glamorous Void
4.A Silent Guilt
5.Blissful Content
6.A Resting Place
8.Tyrannical Flesh
9.The Pain of Being Pure at Heart
10.Parade of Flesh

Heel Turn debuted in early 2018 with the EP ‘ Territories. Released through Cut Short Records (US) and Red Truth Records (Kazakhstan).
Focusing on fast metallic riffs that come to a screaching hault with doom like finishers.

Heel Turn released a 3 song EP, ‘Death Calls, Fear Ceases’ in March of 2019 on The Ghost Is Clear Records. Where they bring in various sounds of harsh noise mixed with their metallic roots.

In June of 2019, they released a 4 song split 7 inch with Ekumen also released on The Ghost Is Clear Records.

‘Tourist’ marked the band’s fourth release In February of 2020. A 7 song power electronics record that brings a separate light to the band one would normally only see live.

In March of 2020, Heel Turn re-released Territories on 12 inch through The Ghost is Clear Records

In June 2021, Heel Turn released a 3 way split tape with Virgin Mother & Infinity Land via The Ghost is Clear Records featuring the song Hive Mind.

January 2022, Heel Turn released a 4 way split in the Meditations In Affinity series through Zegema Beach Records alongside Malevich, Wanderer, and R. Josef

Lucas Smith – Lucky Sound Studio Ft Payne, Alabama

Andy Nelson – Bricktop Recordings Chicago, Illinois

Brad Boatwright – Audiosiege Portland, Oregon

Pressing Information

First Pressing
/200 Random Color Eco Mix