Ultra Lover - Faith Healer / Absolute Future 12" TGIC129


ULTRA LOVER the limitless noise machine will release their second EP ABSOLUTE FUTURE on 26th of January 2024.
ULTRA LOVER are consisting of members from different parts of Stockholm's music scene (e.g. GOD MOTHER, KULMA, TUNGSOL and THIS GIFT IS A CURSE). 
ULTRA LOVER’s debut FAITH HEALER EP was released last year on the newly started Indie label DC/DC (Stockholm).
Both ABSOLUTE FUTURE and FAITH HEALER will be released on 12” vinyl 26th of January on DC/DC and the prominent North American
Noise Rock label The Ghost Is Clear (TGIC). 
ULTRA LOVER's music can be described as a sonic mash of noise rock, punk, kraut, grunge and gospel. Associative scenario: Imagine METZ and MOTÖRHEAD trying to play NEU! covers through a filter built from crumpled NIRVANA posters, gothic motorcycle clubs and broken distortion pedals. THAT is what ULTRA LOVER sounds like.+ Ultra Lover is best experienced when they tear down the load-bearing walls of your local music bar. Much pleasure! Much extravaganza! Do not miss out!

1. Lovers
2. Anti-Christ in Neon Lights
3. Doors
4. Holy Ghost
5. 16EYES
6. The Promised Land
7. Story Mod
8. Midnight Marker
9. 14
10. Grave Boy
11. Black Light Blues

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Pressing Information

250 Pink 12"s
125 DC/DC (Sweden)