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Gillian Carter - Songs for Splits 7" (last 5 copies)

(FINAL 6 copies added with S shirt)

"Gillian Carter is a 3 piece band from Palm Bay, Florida who formed in 2005. Since their inception, Gillian Carter has released a prolific amount of material on various labels including Dog Knights Productions, Explosion!, Rabbit Foot, Middle-Man, Rabble With Out A Cause, and Die Young Records. Gillian Carter's discography includes two full length LPs, and two splits with Ghost Aviary, Sam Kuhns, as well as a three way split with Henrietta and Echo Base 3.
Gillian Carter mine a similar territory as bands such as Loma Prieta, Weak Teeth, Todos Caerán, and We Were Skeletons." - Chris (my endless minutes)
Though I also like to describe what I hear as a combination of what the bands Jowls and Caution Children can often bring to the table with short sometimes bass driven and dreamy guitar work
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a collection of songs that never made the vinyl format as planned for one reason or another 8 tracks that got them to last years Glorious 10" offering "Lost Ships Sinking in the Sunset" making this collection 7" a vinyl prequel long overdue.
a collaboration of Friends

Pressing Information

400 Random colored 7"s split between TGIC RECS / Suspended Soul tapes and records / Gillian Carter


  1. I went down with the ship (to save my family)
  2. when the music stopped
  3. the storm
  4. the letter and the response
  5. the calm
  6. the flood
  7. warm ups
  8. some days...