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KADDISH - Thick Letters to Friends 12" 180gram (SOLD OUT)

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It's finally here - the sophomore LP from Dundee screamo legends Kaddish. This record was recorded back in 2012 and is only now coming into fruition as the result of a labour of love between the band and 4 record labels (Black Lake, Make-That-A-Take, Boslevan and The Ghost is Clear). Expect mad changes in dynamics, gut-busting screams and that signature Fender Strat clean tone. Beautiful.

"10 on 10" - Alan Partridge

We have 60 copies for North America
/300 don't sleep on this (Records being sent to us currently and shipping immediately thereafter.)

Track Listing

  1. And So I Tell Myself To Myself
  2. As Long As Your Life Is Long
  3. End, As In Aim
  4. But A Beat From Your Bones
  5. Cold Words, No Poem
  6. All Paths To The End
  7. Should A Word
  8. Saying As Showing
  9. Treading
  10. Is, Not Ought

Pressing Information

300 first pressing available world wide 180gram