(ON SALE!!) Blacklights (Canyons / Wounded Knee / Sohns / Anodes / American Thunder Band / Duck, Little Brother. Duck!) 12" TGIC Release


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Friends and music can literally be hand in hand at times. The road and unfamiliar territory are exciting times to young and old bands. All anyone wants to do is share what moves us and makes us smile.Over the years lots of friendships made and silly record ideas etc. While its known not everyone is a fan of splits a lot of bands are because it's a very valid way we find out about a ton of new bands and hunting down old oop splits can be a hoot when rounding out collections. In the future nostalgia of what's been some hot summers. We want to bestow the listening audience with an experience of like minded individuals glimpse into where we are going and where we have been. Always positive in mindset and hoping others will enjoy art for years to come. Blacklights has been in the making for a long while with a long back story. None of that matters now as the music should speak for itself.

(Preorder records expected to ship by or before first week of November)


  1. Hit it For Five
  2. Hold it For Ten
  3. Blue Collar Crimes
  4. Hopesick
  5. Homonculus of the Heart
  6. Dead Eye
  7. You Make The Bed You Sleep In
  8. Legs and Eggs
  9. Kim Ramsey
  10. He's A Junkie
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