Meditations in Affinity: CULTIVATION TGIC Release

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Zegema Beach Records, The Ghost Is Clear and Akashita Corp. present:

Meditations in Affinity 20 unique contributions from established & new blood DIY bands (banding together to bring you this) 7" series with 5 entries continuing with:

BOND (Life in Vacuum / Canyons / Crowning / Hundreds of AU) *cover artwork by Vanessa Valadez

CULTIVATION (Nerver / …And Its Name Was Epyon / People’s Temple Project / Apostles Of Eris)*cover artwork by Dave Cullen

SOLICITUDE (tba soon) CONFLUENCE UNDERSTANDING *info to come on these as the songs are completed and movement begins

*200 preorders come with digital download ahead of street date. Labels and bands both pay in for copies making distribution a breeze and getting these into hands via merch booth as CULTIVATION suggests DIY only is in terms of instigation and motivating yrself to a movement. No part of this DIY Scene gets done alone. You can't play a show to yrself, cannot sell yrself a t shirt. We share in our giving others our creations and *tee hee (sparking joy!). Know that each band on these splits care enough to put their money where their mouth is. Their efforts into wax, their songs onto the road. Thank you for joining the journey that is Meditations in Affinity

this is a shared ZEGEMA BEACH / TGIC Preorder splitting at the ship date. expect the Meditations in Affinity: SOLICITUDE preorder in the Ghost Is Clear store in the near future. MOST IMPORTANTLY THANK YOU FOR YR INTEREST AND CONTRIBUTION TO OUR SUBCULTURE. It truly means the world to us.



  1. A General Erosion of Morale
  2. Side Seven
  3. 216
  4. The Kobodera
Pressing Information

300 black
300 translucent green
20 red tests