Meditations in Affinity: SOLICITUDE DIGITAL


3rd installment in a series curated to celebrate in DIY bands and the trials and wins we all experience or share in.
this time around highlighted are

BIGHAND//BIGKNIFE from Denton Texas
a staple in their scene. We see a progressive new Single "Sift" to hold us over until the next project.

ALMANAC MAN from Denver Colorado
from the ashes of Laurium this tweaked line up aims to make a name for themselves. Containing half of TGIC Recs, Brian Dooley and company are currently writing for whats next. Until then we have "Cold Bones"

we flip the 7 inch and have

EMMA GOLDMAN from Vancouver British Columbia
come blazing with one of their trademark chunky and pretty blown out emo dirges "Code Produced Passion" the epic ride empties into another Newer act's offering...

ABANDONCY from Kansas City Missouri
relatively new but like an iceburg have been hiding the bulk of the work for a forthcoming long play.
we end SOLICITUDE with "The Same" where at the midpoint hits a break neck wind down that will make you start it over.

The last two Meditations offerings are in the works and going swimmingly.

*all preorders until ship date
are shared / split w labels
and applied to next Meditations release
Thank you for yr support!
from Dave, Dave, Brian, Bobby and all the bands!
** fun fact. we switched from translucent orange vinyl to yellow last minute.


  1. BigHand BigKnife - Sift
  2. Almanac Man - Cold Bones
  3. Emma Goldman - Code Produced Passion
  4. Abandoncy - The Same
Pressing Information

300 yellow / 300 black copies
each band has 50 of each color for shows
each label has 50 of each color for mail order
original cover photo B. Dooley (worked by D. Cullen)
Meditations idea by Bobby and James
Brought to you by TGIC RECS and Zegema Beach Records
*estimated shipping on or near 4/17