Trash Dragon - Fired Up Forever Vol. 1 (Last one!) TGIC053


After you've done everything you've wanted pretty much in yr current / previous bands, Seems there is only one reason to start another one.
when the main objective is to kick it w yr people and make fun fast loud music.
The vibe is bound to be infectious, insert Trash Dragon
a crew of San Antonio who's who's having done time or splittin their time between bands such as
Sohns, Ghost Police, P I N K O, and the Grasshopper Lies Heavy to name a few. These fellas know how to command a live show and are quick to rally for / support out of town bands / their scene when they can. The idea is to rock the live crowd often and thoroughly.

digital downloads emailed at purchase

*shipped before or by 4/25


  1. The Move
  2. Fired Up Forever
  3. Westside Champs
  4. Nice and Sweet
  5. Tangerine Paint Job
  6. .Go.
Pressing Information

30 copies 45 rpm stereo 12"
15 mail order (this store)
15 band copies
on hand numbered hand screened jackets