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For those who don't know, when you play shows,
you pay attention to which bands steal the show. Often if you could land on a bill with them So you might should do some things to stand out.
BIGHAND//BIGKNIFE is one of these bands that puts you on alert!
ask anyone who's seen them.
Raw Texas Rock N Roll is always going to hit a demographic of the USA
& inevitably will make them feel a certain type of way.
In this some of us are very lucky.
Don't fret you're time is coming you'll be converted too.
When your time comes we can have the cook out.
For those of you who have been here with the rest of us.
We present the

in the 45 rpm stereo lathe 12" format.
*This was released in 2014 originally
making this another LEGACY LATHE


*The Meditations in Affinity SOLICITUDE 7"s
w BHBK new single "SIFT"
just came in as well and will be shipping alongside these.

While things aren't ridiculous on the waits We still are told to say 3 to 4 weeks in the case anything happens and obviously aiming for much better situations.

Track Listing

  1. Burnt Reynolds
  2. Sentient Grass
  3. Three Stage Mammoth Grinder
  4. Doink
  5. 555-HANG-UP
  6. 666-MAGE-BLOOD

Pressing Information

30 lathe cut 12"s 45 rpm by
housed in
DIY hand screened front and back jackets

Digital Downloads Sent with purchase
*and since band has this as pay what you want we also offer it for free download no purchase necessary
thank you for visiting our site!