RID OF ME - SUMMER EP Limited 12" LP TGIC060

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Here it is! the long overdue vinyl pressing of
Philadelphia's grunge soaked trio
Rid of Me's debut

"If you enjoyed the Low Dose album—and you damn well should've—you won't be disappointed here, as the results are not really all that different. Gritty and hard-hitting noise rock with powerfully unique vocals that covers a range of atmospheres and emotions, wavering from more pulsing and energetic to looser and more grating. Rid of Me might be ever-so-slightly rawer than Low Dose (make no mistake, though: the production sounds fuckin' sick), and being a trio the material just breathes a little differently, but... it's pretty much impossible to like one but not the other. These folks are just on it. Damn. So good." -Aversionline

SKULLFLY Shirt Design by Mike Howard

Itarya Rosenberg, Mike McGinnis & Mike Howard

Recorded February 2020 by Nick Skrobisz at his studio in Baltimore.
Mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House Studios in NJ.

Photo: Mark Diehl
Layout: McGinnis


  1. Pit
  2. I Don't Wanna Play Music With Myself
  3. Subtraction
  4. Summer Song
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150 total Pressed Lps

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20 copies are hand screened on the reverse stock white jackets. (SOLD OUT)
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