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Prayer Group - Eudean TGIC062

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"Everything about Eudean is just awesome. Whilst listening I found myself jabbering like Beavis over a particular good video (yeah, it’s a good thing no-one’s here today) and now the thing is over I just want to put it on again and again… it’s a an adrenal-gland-stimulating, ear-raping, sinus-clearing (yep – this band are even good for the health) white noise extravaganza that harks back to the exhilarating, boundary-defying days of the early 90s, when bands like Sonic Youth were taking on the mainstream and winning. What else? You want a score? Fine – 12/10." -

if you know you know.
Stay tuned for more from Prayer Group before too awful long.

Track Listing

  1. Landlord College
  2. Code Black
  3. Acid Mountain
  4. The Other

Pressing Information

limited lathe run of 12
downloads sent to email upon purchase.

machine had issue before run was finished.