Abandoncy - Hollow//​​​Living TGIC066


"Abandoncy play riffs like they don’t want to live. Tearing massive holes through the thick humidity of “Nashville Hot’s” the Kansas City trio play ascendant and reckless Noise Punk – turning and twisting through angular chord changes and fist-in-the-air choruses. Prominent comparisons include classic skronkers Drive Like Jehu and Unwound, but contempories would include bands like METZ, Hissing Tiles and Protomartyr. An excellent bridge marks the song’s atmospheric middle passage where ragged vocals meet in the air with ambient synths before crashing back to earth as riff after pummeling riff remind us that we aren’t meant to escape these bodies."
- tometotheweathermachine . com

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releases August 21, 2020

Recorded at Farewell Transmission (some of it live) in KCMO by Morgan Reed Greenwood Jan-March 2020. (8.) was recorded at home in the living room.
Produced by Abadoncy.
Mixed by Morgan.
Mastered by Slade Williams.
Cover photo by Abandoncy.
Formatting/artwork by Alix Calon.

Damian: guitar/vox
Lincoln: bass/vox on (1.)/(6.)
Morgan: drums/percussion/vox on (1.)
Assorted sounds by everyone

Additional Performers:
Brittany Jo Sawtelle: vox on (6.)
Hopyard Mathison & Max Popov: power drill & saw on (4.)

Eternal thanks to Max, Hop and Farewell Transmission for allowing us to record there and being a home to us.

Co released with Zegema Beach Records


  1. Nashville Hot
  2. 7 More Ohms
  3. Power-Stance
  4. Interlude
  5. But Also Men
  6. Mudcrawler
  7. You're All of America to Me
  8. I Alone Left
  9. Let The Dead Die In Vain
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