Norse - Blu (limited 10" lathe) TGIC074


Norse is a power-trio (guitar-bass-drums) formed during 2018 in Biella, taly. They play punk hardcore with a dark mood and lyrics in italian. In their sound they mix elements from noise-rock and post-punk with a psychedelic touch.

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EP available on limited cassettes through

- Konodischi:
- Vina Records:
- Fresh Outbreak Records:
- Longrail Records:

In North America from

- Tomb Tree Tapes:
- Clever Eagle Records:
released October 17, 2020

Produced by Konodischi and NORSE.
Recorded during January 2020 on a TascamMS-16 at Nostudiorec. by NORSE.
Additional solina and ms-20
by Andrea Bertoli
Mixed and mastered by Salvatore Aricò.

NORSE are:
drums, guitar, bass and voice.
Original photo by Bianca Bongioanni


  1. Abisso
  2. Abitudine
  3. Colpe
  4. Conforto
Pressing Information

30 total 10" lathes cut by Kansas City Vinyl
15 available thru us.

this is a limited preorder items should ship on or before 4/22.
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