Canyons - Stay Buried 12" TGIC065


Kansas City long-time holdsteady staples CANYONS return with a barnburner from the depths of 2020. Recalling mutated midwest noise rock sounds culled from the vaults of AMREP, CANYONS puts an early 00s east coast heavy spin on the sound akin to DEADGUY.

Originally released digitally August 7, 2020
then on CS from Knife Hits Records on March, 19th 2021
now see's Vinyl.

Pressing Information

300 Panning For Gold (Gold Flake) LPs
50 with Screened / Handmade cover Variant (10 per label)
distributed through
Zegema Beach Records
Knife Hits Records
Reptilian Records
Forbidden Place Records
& The Ghost is Clear Records