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"Kansas City’s Nerver are new to me, but their two tracks on the new ‘Brothers In Christ’ split are top-shelf examples of metallic, misanthropic sludge that recall the great Amphetamine Reptile bands of the ’90s... Nerver’s songs fit in beautifully next to the two new Chat Pile tracks, which are unsurprisingly sick."

"Since Chat Pile’s ‘God’s Country’ became the sludge metal soundtrack of 2022, the same few words seem to pop up when fans or critics discuss their music: filthy, crushing, punishing… Latest single 'Cut' is just as filthy, crushing, and punishing as anything from their 2022 debut. Taken off a forthcoming split EP with fellow filthy sound makers Nerver, it hints that Chat Pile has no intention of lightening things up anytime soon."

"No one does anger quite like Chat Pile... On April 14, they’ll share ‘Brothers in Christ,’ a split EP in collaboration with Kansas City noise rockers Nerver...”

"Noise rock/post-hardcore bands Chat Pile and Nerver will release their split EP ‘Brothers In Christ’ via Reptilian Records and The Ghost Is Clear Records… [Nerver's ‘Kicks In The Sky’] is a caustic, abrasive song that pairs very well with Chat Pile (and their shared forebears like The Jesus Lizard and Unsane)."

"At around 15 minutes, flaws are nearly impossible to find in ‘Brothers in Christ’… It’s a delectably rotten Midwestern pre-apocalypse painted by two forerunners of the depression noise rock circuit..."

"When Chat Pile released 'God’s Country' last year, the band was overwhelmed with support for their noise rock/sludge/nü metal fusion. Less than a year later, they deliver two abrasive new songs on the B-side of a split with Kansas City’s Nerver.”

After doing a bunch of shows together and releasing two of 2022's best heavy noise records (CASH & God's Country) it was only a matter of time before these monsters of the midwest noise joined forces to pummel you with four new and exclusive tracks!!

Friends don't shake hands - Friends make Epic Splits!

Split label release between REPTILIAN and THE GHOST IS CLEAR

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666 one-sided BLACK 12" EP with art screened directly on the vinyl - SOLD OUT

FIRST PRESSING 10" on 4 variants
500 black ice/red splatter
500 black ice/green splatter
500 black ice/yellow splatter
500 black ice/gold splatter

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