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Demons "Under the Western Heel" LP TGIC118

Demons is a heavy four-piece punk band from Norfolk Virginia that pull from dimensions of noise rock, sludge, and hardcore to generate a sound that has been described as “raw and confrontational fury.” Demons newest offering, 'Under The Western Heel', follows up the chaotic energy and deeply rooted aggression from the previous EP, 'Swallow', and expands upon it with sludged out dirges, noise rock blasts and a harsh critique on the systems under which we've been forced to function.

Metz, Converge, Every Time I Die, The Bronx

Pressing Information

Demons is Jonathan Anderson, Zach Gehring, Chris Mathews, Drew Orton

Recorded at Machines with Magnets
Engineered and mixed by Seth Manchester
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg

Design layout by Demons and Ellen Gehring
Cover art by Paul Van Trigt


split 3 ways between Demons / Knife Hits / TGIC