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Consumer Culture - The Future is a Pile of Bodies TGIC124

“The heavy dissonance of Converge meets the thick tones of Kylesa and Red Fang, with a desperate and stretched out vocal style reminiscent of 90s post rock giants”
-Brandon Schulte (Sonic Rainbow Records)

Immersing themselves fully in the themes of frustration, sickness, and isolation, Consumer Culture dives headlong into the depths of these concepts with Pile of Bodies. The song weaves together a series of styles, providing insight into the band's wide-ranging influences and versatility.

With a strong balance between structure and chaos, the band's latest creation offers a raw and unfiltered portrayal of the apathetic atmosphere which pervades a significant part of present times.

"Pile of Bodies is the first single from The Future is A Pile of Bodies, the upcoming album from Baltimore hardcore-adjacent punk outfit Consumer Culture. Critical of modern society without being nihilistic, its tonal shifts, brutal riffs, and emotionally powerful message will appeal to fans of MSPAINT, Powerwasher, and Slumlord.
Says the band about the track, “Pile of Bodies is a song about frustration, sickness and isolation, paired with lyrics that are blunt yet poetic, as they create a painfully honest perspective about the apathy around us.” - ANALOGUETRASH BLOG

Consumer Culture formed in Baltimore 2018, releasing a full-length album "Arrival" and 4 song EP "Cultivation". During Spring 2022, the band came back into the Baltimore music scene with a new lineup that was consistent, well-rehearsed and ready to play. In 2023 Consumer Culture plans on releasing their next album titled, "The Future Is A Pie of Bodies" which shows the band leaning more into its heavy roots. Running at just under 16 minutes, the new album is loaded with fast drums, chaotic vocals, and catchy riffs. The band's organized kinetic energy sends the music through many different subgenres of Punk and Metal. Consumer Culture is excited for its new release and has been more active than ever, and they only plan to keep gigging, recording and writing.

"The Future Is A Pile of Bodies" by Consumer Culture is an album about the bleak and dystopian state of affairs in America. The vocals frantically deliver lyrical themes of isolation, exhaustion, nihilism, paranoia and frustration. Paired with drums and riffs that are equally cruel as they are catchy. The band covers multiple genres in the short album such as Hardcore, Noise Rock, Prog Metal and Stoner Rock. The album is a crash course on the bands ability to write songs that are melodic with a sharp edge. The inspirations of the album come from nostalgic musical influences and a fresh new rush from the exploding Baltimore scene. With all the great heavy music around us happening every night, the inspiration to write our heaviest music yet came very naturally.


Marshall Veth - Vocals/Noise/Guitar
Mason McClusky - Bass
Paul Joyce - Guitar
Paulie Joyce - Drums

Songs written by Consumer Culture
Recorded and Mixed by Justin Day at New Noise Studios
Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman at Mobtown Studios
Artwork by Evangeline Gallagher

Consumer Culture 2023

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