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BEDTIMEMAGIC - Sleep Together LP TGIC125

To err is human, to err is divine. The loud disaster of living a life that can be taken in the blink of an eye. With all new material on their forthcoming The Ghost Is Clear Records full length "Sleep Together", BEDTIMEMAGIC gives up the ghost of good intentions, looking distinctly at grief with heads hung low. BTM explores the perils of mountain-based sex, living in the past, and failing to survive one's misgivings over twenty-four destructive minutes. The offering sonically triumphs in the hands of producer / engineer Alex Allinson (The Bridge Sound & Stage), with mastering by Carl Saff, guest vocals by Christina Lacoste, artwork by Sean Arsenian, and laser modeling by Meatball.

Pressing Information

/250 Pee Yellow copies
with awesome Sean Arsenian (WURMZILLA) art
with Black Inner Sleeves in super clean matte jackets.