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Flooding - Silhouette Machine LP TGIC126

One of our personal favorites
Midwest Slowcore Workhorses
are back with a highly anticipated
Sophomore Effort
"Silhouette Machine"

What do we all want from a promising new band's second outing? Growth? Overall cohesion to an original sound? No lack of calculated risks in the music with increased musicianship? The Kansas City band Flooding take their sound to new heights, depths, and emotive space with "Silhouette Machine". The trio combines soft and entrancing moments of bands like Low and True Widow with the addition of harsh, heavy doom and noise of like a slower converge or portrayal of guilt song. Rose's guitar lines set the stage for the body of the song while Cole and Zach add the dynamics to keep you on your toes throughout the journey of the record. Rose shines with growth and confidence on Silhouette Machine further building on her dynamics from their debut as her voice sets the tone, encompassing each new moment and passage. The recording represents an updated production yet still feels like you're in the same room with the band (with great acoustics). Benefitting the band's stripped down approach allowing the space and dynamics to lead the way. Silhouette Machine is a must have this year. Flooding will continue to hit the road to new audiences with new tours and tireless Midwest shows.

Silhouette Machine
3.Monolith Girl
5.Interlude (The Dying Swan)
6.Transept Exit
7.Silver Gilt
8.Negative Space

Rose Brown: guitar, vocals
Zach Cunningham: drums
Cole Billings: bass

Recorded by Flooding
Mixed & mastered on all formats by Corey Coffman
Art: Urine upland canyon two nine nine (2022) by Ella Rose Flood
Logo by Melvin Mauch
Album layouts by Rose Brown

Released on vinyl by The Ghost Is Clear Records
Released on tape by Manor Records
Released on CD by Flooding  


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