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Yatsu - It Can't Happen Here TGIC127

Dallas area
Noisey Hardcore /Grind Band
arrives on the scene
with scorching debut
"It Can't Happen Here"

Formed in the summer of 2019 in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Yatsu incorporates elements of grindcore, power violence, and metallic hardcore into their raw, chaotic brand of noise.
The new album, It Can’t Happen Here, churns out 17 unhinged tracks in a mere 23 minutes.
Taking its ponderous title from the Sinclair Lewis novel (without further confluences with it), the phrase “it can’t happen here” speaks to the delusion of the United States as a whole being an impenetrable stronghold and could never decline. Drawing from the same source, the grating and violent, bulldozing sonics harness further weight from the all-encompassing themes that delve in current topics such as gun violence, false allyship, systemic racism, and political apathy to name a few. The tenth track “It’s Already Happening Here” is a noise/remix track mirroring the title track, contributed by Ben Chisholm of Chelsea Wolfe.

It Can’t Happen Here personnel:
Lane Oliver – guitar
Josh Huddleston – drums
Imran Syed – bass/vocals
JD Sweat – vocals
Michael Briggs – noise/manipulation
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Briggs at Civil Audio in Denton, TX
Artwork and LP design by Hell Simulation

Pressing Information

First Pressing
180g ECO MIX 12"s
Released Nov 3rd 2023