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Brain Cave - Foot Off the Gas LP TGIC132

Brain Cave is back with the latest installment in a growing catalog of gritty, grimy, absolutely unrelenting post-hardcore. This trio has made a name for themselves by marrying the brutally inaccessible sort of noise rock pioneered by the AmRep bands of the '90s with the tenacity and intensity of their Cleveland hardcore roots, and continues to push the already tentative boundaries of what that approach makes possible.

"Brain Cave perfectly marries the crushing intensity of the gnarlier side of the riffy ‘90s post-hardcore sound with an unrelenting and unapologetic punk undercurrent. Hyperfuzzed, enormous, and punishing, but with an intensity that barely gives you the opportunity to take it all in on your first pass. Often times leaning into the realm of the sludgy, sometimes even catchy, but never drifting anywhere near accessible." - Head2Wall Records

SOLD OUT is a hand-screened, hand-numbered foldover cover, limited to just 13 copies.

Released in conjunction with Head2Wall Records.

Pressing information:
200 copies on 180 gram, BUBBLE GUM color vinyl

Produced & Engineered by Matthew Ducey
Additional Drum Production by John Panza
Additional Vocal Production by Zac Breitbach
Mixed by Andy Nelson @ Bricktop Studios
Mastered by Jon Nuñez @ Sound Artillery
Art & Layout by Michael Bellis

Mike Bellis - Guitar/Vocals
Josh Snyder - Bass
Matthew Ducey - Drums

Additional Vocals on Tracks 1, 7, & 8 by Zac Breitbach

Pressing Information

200 copies on
180 gram,

released February 2, 2024