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"Montreal's Cell Press
offer their first full-length album "Cages"
A collection of songs that stitch together genre devices
from noise rock, metal, hardcore, sludge and grind.
Sonically abrasive but technically proficient, the band
wield brains and brawn in equal measure.
"Cages" is the product of experience—miles traveled
and time spent in service to this form of expression.
When you've put in your 10,000 hours, count the scars
and reckon with the crumbs left on the table, if the compulsion
to make this ugly, mostly unwanted music remains, you might
wind up with "Cages".

The album was recorded by Sean Pearson
(Cursed, Shallow North Dakota, Tomb Mold),
mixed by Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City, Yautja, Great Falls)
and mastered by Carl Saff
(KEN Mode, Sleep, Blacklisters and a million more).
Released on vinyl
in the US by The Ghost Is Clear Records,
in Canada by Ancient Temple Recordings
and on cassette by No List Records.

Pressing Information

Sand Brown vinyl with Black Splatter
TGIC 100
Ancient Temple Recordings 100
Cell Press 100
CS available from
No List Records