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Easy Prey - TEETH screened 12" lathe lps NOW AVAILABLE! 08 May 2020

Easy Prey are an Austin TX force to be reckoned with, scene veterans found their sound on this audio relic from 2018. Combining grooves and tones and driving tempos, If you enjoy bands such as
Disappearer, Sweet Cobra, Less Art, Suicide Note, and Jawboxy riffs not unlike the Life and Times every now and again. With that said a sheen of Modern Life is War and Kowloon Walled City type directions are employed all over... Truly a modern classic of well thought out driving jams that really command a room when played at any decent volume.
Band's new Ep "Relentless Struggle"
picks up where this leaves off

once you score one of these beauties go check their bandcamp out!


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meaning.... Announcement soon!