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Happy Anniversary!!

it's been 2 years Since Heel Turn's fiery Debut hit the ground running!

30 copies with new art specific to Lathe version

Act fast these couldn't possibly last long.

Congrats to the guys on 2 stellar years since the ep dropped!

Posted on April 21st, 2020
Surprise! TIFFY EPs Now Available!

them TIFFY boys gearing up to record some new new. (much like everyone else)
but in this down time we all have right now, it just makes sense to pull the trigger on fun limited things we
have control over. Now the planning and behind scenes work is seein the light.

Now available

THIS IS FANTASTIC FOR YOU - TIFFY EP 45 rpm 12" lathe with screened jackets
only 15 in our store!
#'d out of 30 (first 15 in our store. ship out in order of purchases)
These will go fast!

*our limited lathes add for $0 shipping when combined to another item

Posted on April 9th, 2020
Meditations in Affinity Solicitude

it's here
Stream SOLICITUDE. The Latest installment of Meditations in Affinity
from us and the excellent folks at Zegema Beach Records

the Noise Rocky into Blown out Emo rollercoaster showcase of DIY bands from North America
Meditations in Affinity SOLICITUDE gives us
4 new recordings of Exclusive material from
BigHand//BigKnife, Almanac Man, Emma Goldman, and Abandoncy
we are making 300 translucent yellow and 300 black.
BHBK are legends already and will no doubt impress us again in the future.
see where they are right now and discover the newer bands directions and follow
their journeys as well.

Buy 7 inch here

Posted on March 10th, 2020