WELCOME Portland's SLOTHS to The TGIC FAM! Posted 28 Aug 2014

Incredibly stoked to be a part of the new ep by SLOTHS 

if you're not already familiar with these Portland come ups you can brush up

pumped for you to hear this output. /300 clear slices
Truly incredible
 Preorders TBD stay tuned.

Expecting to ship first week of October

Kaddish - Thick Letters to Friends (preorder) Posted 28 Aug 2014

Kaddish set to play a release show 08/29/14 in Dundee. 
here is the fb invite
 Records are done! Pics soon. Shipping to us first of next week. Preorders will ship next business day.

stream now available

"SAMPLER" is the key! Posted 29 May 2014

We like to celebrate new music and good times over here by making room for it.
added to the distro and alot is limited stock so act fast.
USE the password "Sampler" for 15% off through the weekend.  Be sure and pick up our new sampler in the STORE while yr there its Free and new music is always good. Orders over $25 get a complimentary TGIC Backpatch
tossed in. If it comes in tonight it goes out tomorrow. Otherwise Monday morning.

this doesn't have to be a secret either you can let yr homies know.  its only right.

Gillian Carter "The letter and the response" video now up! Posted 27 May 2014

still have limited amount of shirts and 7"s left in the store.
Buy Songs for Splits 7"
band has lots of new thangs in the works 
like them on facebook to keep up to date

TGIC 2014 SAMPLER Posted 19 May 2014

OK OK we totally blew it last year and didn't get one of these out.
turns out that just makes this one full of the released music you may have missed out on.
A comprehensive glance of a moment in time we shall call 2013-2014.
The Ghost Is Clear pride ourselves in backing a very diverse catalog of bands to ensure
there is truly something for everyone who likes something a touch different.

available now! FREE DOWNLOAD
or instantly in our
Vinyl or tape available now or very soon for each song.

SEVENTEEN AGAIN - INVOKE (preorders up!) Posted 12 May 2014

What do you get when 2/3 the Reptilian start a heavier band with members of Forget the Times / Ackley Kid and have about 400 shows or more under their belts combined.
Enough Guessing.  Here you are We present SEVETEEN AGAIN a loud burst of Michigan's fury.  The album cover for Invoke shows a bleak snow covered uncapped hole in the ground.  Representing the mundane everyday life we all strive to leave behind or forget from time to time while we plan out extraordinary things we all know we are capable of.
Take yr ears on a ride to a bleak side of the Kalamazoo experience.  Be ready for Seventeen Again to hit the road very soon with Marcy.  Tour Routing to be announced in the coming weeks.



Cassilis - Quitting STREAM / PREORDER up now! Posted 25 Apr 2014

11 jams one sided 12" Half and Half random color. Loud Botch N Roll sounds / driving kinda 90's heavy (ex snowing, boys n sex, make me)

After sitting on a few select computers for almost a year, CASSILIS' new album is now available for pre-order with an immediate download. There's no point in tiptoeing around the facts - this album fucking owns. 11 songs that are without a doubt the band's most mature release to date show the band expanding and focusing more on a cohesive structure in an a valiant attempt at anchoring down the chaos that emanates from anything the band touches. Songs such as "Bone Sled", "Groan Sleeve" and "American 90s" showcase this attention to crafting much more fluid songwriting abilities, while the tracks "God Hair", "Softie" and "Rat Park" are like refined blades of violent discontent in audio form. This album is not pretty, it's dirty, caustic and viral. I mean, c'mon - the artwork and song titles say it all. Fans of Brighter Arrows, Canyons, Callow and Bleeding Kansas take note, as this is easily one of the strongest releases of 2014. 
The breakdowns and freakouts are timed perfectly and executed flawlessly. All pre-orders come with an immediate download of the 'Quitting', so don't pass on this.

split release with Zegema Beach / Square of Opposition / Black Lake



Innards / The Reptilian and Canyons / Creeper Test Press Contest Posted 18 Feb 2014

Recently unearthed an Innards Reptilian Split Test and Canyons / Creeper split 12" test.
 Putting it with a The Ghost Is Clear slipmat and it'll go to anyone with an order of $15 before shipping from NOW through 3/1.  One name will be drawn at random, every qualifying order being an entry. 
Gillian Carter is out on tour now.  7" is moving fast get yours while they last.
MNWA - JOYLESS available as well as PUIG DESTROYER repress, EDHOCHULI 12", Brighter Arrows - Dreamliner,
Canyons / Creeper 12" and more! all in the STORE

Gillian Carter 7" Songs for Splits Preorder + Distro Update Posted 27 Jan 2014


Now available.  Preorder shirt design by the talented Kelsey Wroten 
Get the 7" or shirt combo HERE.  Thank you all for being patient, it took a minute 
but it's well worth the wait. We will post pictures Tuesday on Facebook  of the diff vinyl.

Speaking of waiting Wait no More as we're doing better 
about updating our distro section. Check out the slew of titles now available
Supplies Obviously Limited in most cases.  UPDATED DISTRO

You can now Stream the release on our bandcamp .  Feel free to share.

The band will have copies on tour! If you can make it to a show please get it from them.
If you're outside driving distance to the show TGIC and Suspended Soul should have 
you covered.

Catch GILLIAN CARTER on tour soon venue details etc to come
The "Cold Is Getting Old" Tour 
2/16 Valdosta, GA 
2/17 Charleston, SC 
2/18 Augusta, GA 
2/19 Columbia, SC 
2/20 Richmond, VA 
2/21 Baltimore, MD 
2/22 Philidelphia, PA 
2/23 Montclair, NJ 
2/24 Lancaster, PA 
2/25 Pittsburch, PA 
2/26 Akron, OH 
2/27 Indianapolis, IN 
2/28 St. Louis, MO 
3/1 Nashville, TN 
3/2 Auburn, AL 
3/3 Dothan, AL 
3/4 Tallahassee, FL 
3/5 Gainesville, FL 
3/6 Orlando, FL