Gillian Carter "The letter and the response" video now up! Posted 27 May 2014

still have limited amount of shirts and 7"s left in the store.
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band has lots of new thangs in the works 
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PUIG DESTROYER SHIPPING 17-20th Posted 12 Sep 2013

We want to thank everyone who preordered this fun project and thank you for waiting what is too long of a preorder in our opinion, we typically only like less than a month but with the timing of the project coming out fast we wanted to get everyone excited and assure you, you will enjoy the end shirts and records.  We are getting them in on the 16th thru 18th and will be shipping them all week.  Keep in mind we are two dudes with 40 hr jobs in two different states packing these, but we will finish shipping next week no doubt about it.  Just in time for the end of the season and october baseball.  If you wear your new shirt to a game or get it signed or take a picture of it in public, send us a pic we will send you free sh!t, spread the word.  

Canyons/Creeper split Posted 18 May 2013

We are stoked to finally release this new batch of material from your favorite KC noise rockers,CANYONS.  Canyons team up with Canadian Hardcore buds, CREEPER, for a 45rpm turn up the volume 12 inch featuring 6 songs from each band.  This record will be pressed on 300 coke bottle clear/200 black vinyl with reverse stock jackets and printed record sleeves and will be released on June 30th.  Preorders are in the store