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COUCH LOCK (PREORDERS) Posted 08 Jan 2016

It's that Time preorders are up for Couch Lock's 2 ep collection cassette
available from us and Puddlejumper Distro.
Free Download on Bandcamp all weekend.

Couch Lock (new songs all week) Cassette preorder friday. Posted 05 Jan 2016

it's Tuesday meaning another new Couch Lock song
Check out "FIRST BEER" I'll assume (...of the day) should follow
only two more new tracks then Preorders Friday.
have a great day.

BLACKLIGHTS 6 way split Posted 06 Oct 2015


Can you say enough about these bands? the passion the pedigree. Music is like nothing else a strange time capsule you can revisit over and over. While some bands might not play that often we never forget them nor the positive impact they can and will make on our and others lives. Whether its just motivation to get up and try something new or to create a masterpiece that reflects ones veiws at the time.
Here is a new split that has been in the works for a very long time changing this way and that morphing into what you can hear as anthems of individuality encompassed in connectivity. Won't you join us for the experience?
10 songs forever in our hearts.
PREORDER up now.
immediate download with purchase.

P I N K O joins TGIC family. Posted 10 Sep 2015

Look what has come in. A lot has been happening and access to Internet limited for a touch but wheels been in motion and progress is no joke. I give you PINKO's monster of a self titled tape.  

Check them out and share w your noise rock crew. It's time. Now available in the web store!

DESSA SONS - Personalities in Conscienceness ! Posted 24 May 2015

Cassettes turned out as beautiful as the songs>
Share this record with everyone Noone should be sleeping on Dessa Sons! 

these awesome boxes are available NOW!


Excited to finally share that Sloths - Twenty Years is now

finally available for purchase in our store. Act fast these mugs
will go quick.

Gillian Carter "The letter and the response" video now up! Posted 27 May 2014

still have limited amount of shirts and 7"s left in the store.
Buy Songs for Splits 7"
band has lots of new thangs in the works 
like them on facebook to keep up to date

PUIG DESTROYER SHIPPING 17-20th Posted 12 Sep 2013

We want to thank everyone who preordered this fun project and thank you for waiting what is too long of a preorder in our opinion, we typically only like less than a month but with the timing of the project coming out fast we wanted to get everyone excited and assure you, you will enjoy the end shirts and records.  We are getting them in on the 16th thru 18th and will be shipping them all week.  Keep in mind we are two dudes with 40 hr jobs in two different states packing these, but we will finish shipping next week no doubt about it.  Just in time for the end of the season and october baseball.  If you wear your new shirt to a game or get it signed or take a picture of it in public, send us a pic we will send you free sh!t, spread the word.